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Update on Service Review
Update on Service Review
Would you like provide your feedback on the Region's Service Review process? There are two reports available...
Update on Service Review

The Region of Waterloo wants your input on the next phase of the Service Review process. The overall purpose of the Review is to ensure the Region’s services provide the best value to the community, and to identify ways that we might provide our current programs and services more efficiently and effectively or if we should consider adjusting the levels of service in some areas to better reflect the changing circumstances within the community.

KPMG has developed an Interim Report and Service Profiles which can be accessed on the Region’s website (see links below). In addition to the Report from KPMG, Regional staff has prepared a report for the Region’s Administration and Finance Committee.

The links to the two reports are available on the Region's website:
Report 1: Service Review Update Report to Administration and Finance Committee, May 5, 2015.
report 2: KPMG’s Service Review Interim Report.

Three new questions are now posted seeking your feedback on the Service Review Interim Report, and the Service Profiles. You are welcome to provide your ideas and comments on these reports through this on-line discussion forum.

THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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